Frequently Asked Questions

I accept only Bitcoin.

Just the HGH kit itself, diluent is not included.

I carry no other items, only HGH.

A minimum of two years from the manufacturing date.

1ml = 1cc = 100iu 12iu vials I add 1.2ml of diluent. Every 10iu on an insulin syringe equals 1iu of HGH.
The administered dose is dose dependant based on your goals. 2-4iu/ed is commonly used for rejuvenation/lipolysis while a larger dose along with AAS is recommended for hypertrophy/hyperplasia.
Limitless variables can affect your IGF levels. e.g. liver not properly converting HGH to IGF, androgens, diet, AIs, etcetera etcetera.
Every batch that has been put on the market has been tested and HPLC reports posted. My accountability and history speak for itself. I have and will continue to test every batch.
Our products have an unique code that can be entered at “Verify My Product” page in order to ensure its authenticity.

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